Monday, October 17, 2011

projek bakau cimb-puncak - magazine report

CIMB displays generous spirit

IT is not just its business-savvy nature that propels the CIMB group forward.A serious corporate social responsibility (CR) programme and concern for the environment have become an innate part of its corporate culture which has positively impacted the communities around its operations.

The CIMB Group, with headquarters in Malaysia, is present in 13 markets around the globe, and is well-known for its dynamism, flexibility and agility in working around challenges.

Its flagship CR programme, “Community Link,’’ was launched in 2007. Funded by the CIMB Foundation, it was implemented by the consumer banking network in Malaysia, and from 2010 onwards, in Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand.

Community organisations work together with CIMB branches to implement projects aimed at bringing about long-term sustainable benefits, and are focused in three areas – community development, sports and education.

Some of “Community Link’’ socio-economic and health projects include:

1. Setting up of breakthrough network centres (Breakthrough)

The CIMB Foundation has provided funding to “Breakthrough’’ to buy a van for the benefit of 10 farming families in a remote village near Lundu in Sarawak. The van is used to ferry the farmers for their agricultural training on growing pepper organically, and also to ferry the farmers’ products to town for sale.

This enables them to command a higher price through the elimination of middlemen. It was implemented in the fourth quarter of last year, and one of the farmers has shown progress. From November to February, his income has already doubled to RM571 per month compared to just RM250 at the start of the programme. The aim is to increase the income of all 10 families up to RM1,000 a month within a year.

2. Kelab Pendidikan dan Kebajikan Puncak, Lembah Bujang (Kelab Puncak)

The foundation also funded a project in Kedah to enable members of five families to work in a nursery selling mangrove seedlings. This taps on the awareness of the importance of mangrove conservation, which has resulted in increased demand for mangrove seedlings.

Funding from the foundation provides for a start-up batch of mangrove seedlings, poly bags and rental of the premises.

3. Persatuan Wushu, Tarian Naga dan Singa Jing Ying Kuala Lumpur

It has been three years since funding was provided for this talented group of performers who despite their hearing disability, have learnt a complex art. The troupe took part in five competitions throughout 2010, holding their own against hearing-abled competitors.

That has built their confidence and they no longer see themselves as disabled.

The measure of their success should not be confined only to what they have achieved but also the challenges they had to overcome to come this far.